At Tri Squad we specialise in the delivery of one-to-one swim stroke analysis sessions, in our endless fast lane pool at our purpose built centre in Ely Cambridgeshire, UK. Here we can break down an athlete’s swim stroke, identify any flaws or weaknesses and give them guidance on how they can improve their stroke and overall efficiency, through their usual training sessions.

Hopefully on this page you can get a brief overview of how we approach swim analysis and the facilities we have to offer. If you would like to book a session please complete our booking form and we will be in touch.

If you have any questions at all or would like further information then please let us know, we are always happy to chat through your specific requirements and how Tri Squad could help you.

So, what is swim analysis?

During a half hour session, one of our qualified coaches will put your through a structured session in our pool, analysing all aspects of your stroke and looking for areas which could be improved. Examples include, but are not limited to, overall body position, body rotation, breathing technique, stroke efficiency. During the session itself we will give pointers where we can and will also provide you with a debrief at the end, identifying key areas for improvement and also particular drills or sessions you can follow to help overcome these, as part of your usual swim training.

We will always consider your aims and aspirations with your swimming at the outset of the session and incorporate this into the sessions and the advice we give.  Whether you are an experienced swimmer or a novice looking to do your first triathlon, we are here the help.

Can you video me?

Yes sure, we do this for the majority of our athletes and everybody comments on how watching their videos gives them an increased awareness of their body when they swim and what it is doing at various stages of the stroke. We use a number of high definition cameras to capture video of your stroke at various angles, both above and beneath the water. At the end of the session your coach will take you through these and they will also be available to download and keep at the end of your session.

Is swim analysis really for me?

Whether you are an experienced triathlete or relatively new to swimming, everybody can benefit from having their swim stroke analysed. As with all aspects of life, we all develop bad habits and even the smallest issue in your stroke can have a massive impact on your overall efficiency through the water.

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What is an endless pool?

Our endless pool is approximately 3 metres long and 2 metres wide and just over a metre deep. This may not sound like a lot but a water jet at the front pushes water down the pool creating a current that the athlete then swims into. Your coach is able to control the speed of the current and as such can set the pace to you and the type of session you are undertaking.

The athlete pushes off from the back wall and starts to swim. Once you are settled into your stroke you will in effect be swimming on the spot. The mirror we have on the bottom of the pool acts as a guide and also allows the athlete to watch their stroke as they are swimming. Once they have had enough they simply stop swimming, float towards the back of the pool and stand up.

Still not sure? Why not watch the short video below where Andy (one of our coaches) demonstrates swimming easy front crawl in our pool.

The Tri Squad Fast Lane Endless Pool from Tri Squad on Vimeo.

Andy swimming in our endless pool, giving our athletes a feel for what they can expect in their own one to one video analysis sessions.

When can I do a session?

Most of our atheletes are at work during the day, so the majority of sessions take place at the evening or weekends. However if you would prefer a day time session let us know and we will book you in.

How long does a session last?

A typical session lasts 30 minutes, although first sessions may be slightly longer due to the initial chat and paperwork you will complete with your coach. While that may not sound a long time, remember this is you one-to-one with a coach and you have their undivided attention! Also swimming in an endless pool can be slightly harder than a normal pool, due to the current, so you will get a good work out in that time. If you want more, just let us know, we can always crank the speed up for you!

How much will it cost?

A single half hour one to one session costs £25, with video analysis a further £15 on top of that. We do offer block bookings, where athletes can pre-pay for a number of sessions at a significantly discounted rate. Please contact us for our current special offers.

OK I am sold! How do I book my first session?

Simple, complete our online booking form using the button below and we will be in touch to arrange a suitable slot and get you in the pool.  We look forward to meeting you!