Trisquad is proud to have some amazing people and facilities which help everyone in multiple sports. We have taken a few years to put together the right balance at the right costs for most people. Enough technical data, scientific support, but also down to earth terms used by down to earth athletes.

When you first set out on your challenge, whether it is a triathlon, openwater swim, ultra or simply to keep fit, Trisquad helps you take the first steps to your goal. We are a team of people that live and breath mutli-sport. Training is a huge part of your journey and by talking to us you can set up the right platform to progress in your quest.

Many athletes come to us simply to get video footage of all the disciplines, (Swim, Bike, Run) to help them learn the most efficient technique.

We all look forward to seeing our members fulfil their potential this year and will update the BLOG once we have a group of updates.